Grace Homemade in Smithfield, NC

The building was built as a warehouse in 1950 and will now host a manufacturing facility for Kelly Puryear's famous chicken salad. The Grace Homemade facility will create, package and distribute chicken salad, and other savory goods. There will be a storefront deli for neighborhood shoppers, as well as a mezzanine office space, between the large trusses, for Kelly to oversee the entire process. Stay tuned to see more updates on this exciting project! 

North Carolina Main Street Conference was a Hit!

David, Dayle and Meredith had a great time at the conference this year. It was hosted by the Town of Clayton and we enjoyed meeting new people and visiting local businesses. We learned about promoting economic development through preserving historic resources, how to support local farmers and restaurants in small towns, strategies for placemaking, and methods for encouraging smart growth.

Demo is Underway at the Old Clayton Town Hall

We are excited to see this project come to life! The Old Clayton Town Hall building was built in 1925 and was once the "heart of the town." It housed municipal offices, the library, courthouse, fire department, police department, and a small jail. The building was heavily utilized throughout most of the remaining twentieth century, but has been vacant for a number of years following the relocation of the municipal offices.