Death and Taxes

Raleigh NC, 2015

Built in 1909, this historic building was originally home to the HJ Brown Coffin House, and later the Raleigh Industrial Bank. James Goodnight purchased the property in 2012, and Maurer Architecture began the three year design and renovation process. The building was recently completed, and is now home to a restaurant, bar, and event space. Death and Taxes was awarded a Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Historic Preservation.

AUX Kitchen

Raleigh NC, 2014

Formerly home to Fisher Foods, this building was designed by Frank Simpson in 1951. 

It is now the commissary kitchen for Ashley Christensen's restaurants. The building provides much needed office, cooking, and prep space to support the downtown eateries. 

The Durham at The Durham Hotel

Durham NC, 2015

Originally constructed in 1968, the former bank building's unique form is easily recognizable in the Durham landscape. Housed on the main floor and rooftop is The Durham: a restaurant, coffee shop, rooftop bar, and private event space. 

Catering Works

Raleigh NC, 2012

Located in Raleigh, this project involved a full renovation of an existing building. The former office building was transformed into a full-service catering business featuring a commercial kitchen, open work space, and offices. 

Busy Bee Cafe

Raleigh NC, 2010

Built in the 1880's this historic building was carefully restored to become a restaurant in downtown Raleigh. The state of the building required a fully re-built facade as well as new kitchen, dining, and bar space. Busy Bee Cafe was awarded the Anthemion Award by Capital Area Preservation.

Bull City Burger & Brewery

Durham NC, 2010

This restaurant and brewery is located in historic downtown Durham. The building includes a large brewery, taproom, and restaurant space.