Sanford’s Historic Federal Building is Under Construction

The Federal Building, located near the corner of Carthage Street and Horner Boulevard, was built in 1935 by the Works Projects Administration, and is a Contributing Structure in the Downtown Sanford Historic District. The brick building features restrained classical elements, which are typical of such Depression-era federal government buildings.

On the front facade a central pediment rises from a wide dentiled cornice. A recessed fanlight and pilasters frame the building entrance, and large twelve over twelve double hung windows create a symmetrical front elevation. A stone water table wraps the building.  

The windows, set in stone lintels and sills, continue around both sides and the rear of the building, flooding the interior with natural light. At the rear of the building a loading dock (believed to be a later addition) provides a covered service entrance.

Until recently, the one story, brick building (which includes a basement) housed a post office and government offices. The Federal Building is now being transformed and will soon become the new home of a local pizza restaurant, La Dolce Vita Pizzeria. 

The front area, originally the post office lobby, will be a gelato cafe. What was once the postmaster’s office will become the gelato production area, and the rear of the building (originally the mail sorting and office area) will become the pizza kitchen, bar and seating area.