Norris House is Open for Business!

The Norris House is now open for hosting private special events. We are excited to see how this beautifully restored house will contribute to the historic downtown area. 


The Norris House is one of the historic buildings along North Blount St. that was owned by the State of North Carolina and listed for sale in 2015 and early 2016. The Norris House has recently been restored per the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for rehabilitation and is a historic tax credit project. It is also located in the N. Blount St. Historic District, under the purview of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission. The original structure was built in 1879 with later additions and modifications including the removal of the porch, replacing it with a double height, Mt. Vernon style version. Purchased in the 1960’s, the former residence was converted to office space for state government workers, before sitting empty and derelict for years.
Todd Jones and Kimberly Brackett Jones began the years long rehab in 2016, which included the restoration of the original porch on the east elevation and converting the space to a business and events venue. The Norris House opened in the spring of 2018 and is an excellent example of adaptive reuse and historic preservation in one of Raleigh’s oldest residential areas long neglected.

You can read more about the renovation process here: