N.C Historic Preservation Office Project Highlights


Two Maurer projects were featured in the most recent newsletter from North Carolina Historic Preservation Office. Check out the excerpts below and read more about project details here and here


Caruso Confections at 106 Person St. in Fayetteville


"This Italianate commercial building in the Fayetteville Downtown Historic District was completed by 1885 when it accommodated a dry goods and grocery store on the first floor and a photography studio on the second. This rehabilitation has transformed the building into a bakery and candy store on the first floor and two market-rate apartment upstairs. This 2016-2017 project was spurred by the use of the federal and state income-producing historic tax credits with a private investment rehabilitation cost of $604,000."



Concord Rosenwald School in Kitrell, NC


"Concord School’s construction in rural Franklin County was possible because of the Rosenwald Fund, which provided architectural plans and matching grants that helped build public schools for African Americans from Maryland to Texas between the late 1910s and 1932, including more than 800 projects in North Carolina. The school is significant for its association with African American education in Franklin County from 1922, when it was built to serve students in grades one through seven, until its closure in 1955 due to school consolidation. Concord School also is important for its architecture as an intact school following Floor Plan No. 20 for a two-teacher school in the Rosenwald Fund’s Community Schools Plans, Bulletin No. 3, although slightly modified, as was common. The nomination for Concord School, which is undergoing rehabilitation, was funded by an Underrepresented Community Grant from the National Park Service."