Montfort Hall Needs Your Support

As mentioned by Sarah and Jeff Shepherd, the now owners of Montfort Hall: re-zoning of the property is vital to success of the restoration and business of Montfort Hall. According to the blurb on their website:

“Under the current R-10 zoning, the property can be a bed & breakfast but only with a maximum of 5 rooms and no events. We want to rezone to a zoning district that allows the use of a boutique inn (5+ rooms) and small gatherings. It will be a conditional use rezoning request so that we can add conditions and limit the allowable uses. Another way to think about it is in reverse: we essentially want to keep the R-10 zoning but allow a couple of other uses (i.e. operate as an inn, gathering space and neighborhood bar). The only way to do this is to pick a different zoning district and whittle it down to just a couple of acceptable uses. We have identified the CX district as the most appropriate. (It does still allow single family house use in CX.)”

The Raleigh Planning Commission voted to support the rezoning case on February 12th. “There is a final public hearing on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00 PM, (222 W Hargett St.) where members of Raleigh City Council will hear from the public, discuss the case and hopefully make a vote of approval.”

We join with Montfort Hall in echoing that your input and involvement with this case would mean the world to us.

“You can attend the hearing in person, and/or help us by sending an email in support of the rezoning to the City Council members, details below.

Emails Sent To: Raleigh City Council Members

Email Address:

Reference Rezoning Case: Z-34-18

They do read the emails so they are VERY helpful. If you need talking points please send an email to Or if you need a reminder on our vision for Montfort Hall or the entire rezoning case, you can visit our website where we have outlined it all in detail under the ‘FAQ’ page.

What an incredible community we have. Thank you, each and every one of you for the support you’ve already shown us.”