The Rainbow Building—911 North West Street (Raleigh)

911 North West Street — The Rainbow Building (previously Rainbow Upholstery for many decades) is now a mixed use shell. We partnered with Atlas Stark to renovate this very utilitarian structure, that now accommodates five business tenants on the first floor and a fitness center on the lower level.

Occupied on the upstairs level: Atlas Stark, Tiverton Advisors, DeRonja Real Estate, Imagequix, and one additional tenant. Located on the lower level is FlowCORPS Pilates, along with a future bakery that is soon to be completed with construction. Also located on the lower level will be the Rainbow Luncheonette (a diner-style restaurant that will serve breakfast and lunch all week and dinner on the weekends) and a soon-to-be-announced spot that we think you will be really excited about!